FP7 Space Weather Projects



Here are links to some EU/FP7 projects related to space weather:

  1. AFFECTS (Advanced Forecast For Ensuring Communications Through Space)
  2. ATMOP (Advanced Thermosphere Modelling for Orbit Prediction)
  3. COMESEP (COronal Mass Ejections and Solar Energetic Particles: forecasting the space weather impact)
  4. ECLAT (European Cluster Assimilation Technology)
  5. ESPAS (Near-Earth Space Data Infrastructure for e-Science)
  6. HESPE (High Energy Solar Physics Data in Europe)
  7. PLASMON (A new, ground based data-assimilative model of the Earth's Plasmasphere - a critical contribution to Radiation Belt modeling for Space Weather purposes)
  8. POPDAT (Problem-oriented Processing and Database Creation for Ionosphere Exploration)
  9. SEPSERVER (Data Services and Analysis Tools for Solar Energetic Particle Events and Related Electromagnetic Emissions)
  10. SIDER (Radiation shielding of composite space enclosures)
  11. SOTERIA (SOlar-TERrestrial Investigations and Archives)
  12. SPACECAST (Protecting space assets from high energy particles by developing European dynamic modelling and forecasting capabilities)
  13. SWIFF (Space Weather Integrated Forecasting Framework)

European Commission maintains an extensive list of FP7 space projects.

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